Where did that candy bar come from?


I’m not a big candy bar fan.  Sure I occasionally buy one when on a road trip or on a particularly bad day, but I’m usually able to talk myself out of it.  They never taste as good as I think they’re going to.  They’re full of stuff I don’t want to put in my body.  They get stuck in my teeth.  They’re too sweet.  But for no reason I can figure out, I bought two last week.  I ate one that same day, the chocolate-coconut-almonds one.  Then promptly forgot about the chocolate-crispy peanut buttery one.  Until yesterday.  Day one of my no-sugar month.

And there it sat on my counter yesterday at noon when I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat in the house that didn’t have sugar in it.

And there it still was when I came home late from work, hungry enough to gnaw my arm off.

This no sugar thing is no joke.  It’s hard.  Only one day in, it’s really hard.

There is sugar in nearly everything in my house.  I’m a pretty label-conscious consumer, but I’ve never thought much beyond High Fructose Corn Syrup or artificial sweetener, which I avoid.  When I went to the grocery store earlier this week, with the intention of stocking up on belly-fat-reducing foodstuffs, I didn’t buy much, thinking I had a number of healthy options in my kitchen.  But nearly everything I thought to grab for lunch yesterday was either pre-packaged, restaurant leftovers, or contained disturbing amounts of refined sugar.

I even realized the soup I made last week had sugar in it.  Sugar I added.  To soup that already had a taco seasoning packet in it that also had sugar in it.

It’s like trying to quit smoking.  Maybe harder.  Sugar shows up in unexpected places.  It tastes good.  People don’t look at you cross-wise when you eat it.  There’s an emotional attachment from my child hood.   And it causes happy chemical responses in the brain.  At least cigarettes smell bad!

Check out these articles about sugar and it’s effects on the body:




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