Don’t Tempt Me.


Boy, did I struggle today; there was sugar EVERYWHERE!  Homemade cookies and cakes at lunch, my favorite bourbon creme cookies in the car, and Amish apple cinnamon bread in an unexpected gift.

It’s hard to make good decisions without a plan of attack, and I felt a little blind-sided today.  We had a late start this morning that precluded breakfast, so I was hungry at lunch.  And ended up driving during supper time, hungry, and without a definite plan once we got home.  But I chose an extra sandwich at lunch instead of sweets, shared some chips with the hubby in the car, only snagged a half slice of cinnamon bread, and ate a light salad as a late dinner.  I wasn’t perfect, but since the point of giving up sugar is long-term good habits, not perfection, I’m feeling pretty good about my choices.

On tomorrow’s agenda:  kitchen inventory, meal planning, and thoughtful grocery shopping.  I hope whatever your temptation was this weekend, it didn’t get the best of you!


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